K&M 26145 Microphone Stand

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Microphone stand

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Significant Stand Point! The larger tubing reaches a height of 1.7 m and as such is well suited for taller individuals. The sleek clutch provides for user friendly height adjustment and it is easy to fix in place. A very heavy round cast-iron base with a diameter of 300 mm provides the stand with both exceptional stability and a small footprint. The circular rubber insert ring filters foot step sounds and reduces the transmission of unwanted sounds. The stand weighs 6.2 kg and is equipped with an extendable boom.
Base Diameter 300mm
Height Adjustment Clutch
Leg Construction Heavy round cast-iron base
Material Steel
Rod Combination 2-piece folding design
Threaded Connector 3/8"
Height From 1,000 to 1,700 mm
Weight 6.28kg