Hercules Universal DJ

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DJ Controller w/ Bluetooth & Multi-platform

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Whether on your smartphone or your laptop, when you’re traveling, while you’re out and about (on your own, or with friends), music is your constant companion: it’s a part of you. So turn your passion into a perfect mix with the ideal ecosystem for all connected DJs: the Hercules Universal DJ controller. Thanks to built-in Bluetooth® wireless technology, you can even mix using your smartphone or tablet. Your adventure starts right here and now: say hello to total freedom, with no constraints.



1 controller, 1 piece of software, 2 apps. 3 modes (laptop, smartphone, tablet). Honored at CES 2015 for its innovation.
Via the external source input, connect your smartphone or tablet and instantly access all of your Spotify or Deezer playlists, and other online streaming services.


Thanks to My Extender and My Remote in DJUCED® Master via Bluetooth® wireless technology, you can let your creativity run wild. Using just one finger, create combos with both loops and effects – an advanced feature usually reserved just for the pros! Being creative with your music has never been this simple and fun.


Enjoy the freedom to move around and have fun mingling with the people at your party. You can control your mix not only from your laptop, but from your smartphone or tablet as well, thanks to Bluetooth® wireless technology and My Remote via the dedicated DJUCED® Master app. Having a chat or sipping a drink? No stress! The PANIC button is there for you whenever you need it, automatically playing the best-suited track next!


Hercules Universal DJ is a controller with a resolutely modern, streamlined and elegant design. Its jog wheels feature a high-quality brushed metal surface, while the central mixer has a matte surface for a refined overall look.

1 DJ Controller. 3 modes!


PC/Mac Laptop Mode: Mix essentials

- Get the party going by mixing with your controller and your computer.

- Control DJUCED 40°from your Mac or PC (via a USB connection).

- Compatible with MIDI DJing software.



Multiscreen Mode: Extended and unprecedented mixing possibilities!

- Mix from your Mac or PC (via a USB connection).

- Control or extend your mix from your smartphone or tablet using the built-in Bluetooth wireless technology and the dedicated DJUCED Master app.

- Discover infinite possibilities with this evolutionary app!




Tablet Mode: Amazing mixing features at your fingertips

- Wirelessly connect your tablet to your Hercules Universal DJ controller: you are ready to mix! (Bluetooth wireless technology).

- Preview the following track by connecting your tablet's audio output to the external input using the included audio cable.


1/8” (3.5 mm)  line-in input

Integrated built-in audio interface

2 RCA outputs for the mix (for speakers)

1/8” (3.5 mm) stereo mini-jack output for headphone monitoring


Controls Per Deck

2 decks 

1 central mixer

2 jog wheels:

   -  3” / 75 mm in diameter

   - Touch-sensitive jog wheels and SCRATCH mode

Wirelessly connect your Andoid or IOS device with Bluetooth wireless technology.

4 modes (Loop/Fx/Sample/Hot Cue) per deck

Separate modes per deck

Temporary Loop mode with the pads, and permanent Loop mode with the encoders

Even more functions with the SHIFT button

Dedicated SYNC, Cue, Play/Pause buttons

4 pads per deck with multicolored lighting (colors: red, blue, purple)


Controls on Mixer

3-band equalization with volume fader and crossfader (treble, medium, bass)

1 volume fader per deck

1 crossfader