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3-IN/6-OUT 24-BITDIGITAL Speaker Processor

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The Protea System II 3.24CL-d from Ashly is a 3 input, 6 output digital crossover/system processor. In addition to setting crossover frequencies, each output may be assigned to any one or a combination of inputs, which allows the user to program 4 parametric filters, low or high shelf filters, delay for time delay adjustments, output gain, reverse polarity and a compressor/limiter for speaker protection.


A powerful tool for use in fixed installation and live sound applications, the unit utilizes state of the art DSP that includes 24-bit, 48kHz delta-sigma A/D converters with 128x over-sampling. D/A conversion utilizes 24-bit delta-sigma converters with 128x over-sampling. All inputs and outputs are precision balanced and RF protected using XLR connectors.


The Protea 3.24CL-d is a variant of the 3.24CL with the only difference being the adjustable input and output delay times. Since the unit provides longer delay times on the outputs, distribution of audio to different zones is possible.



  • 3 input/6 output programmable digital processor with crossover, EQ, delay and limiter functions
  • Extremely intuitive user interface
  • Outputs assignable to any input
  • Linkwitz-Riley, Bessel and Butterworth filters with 12, 18, 24 and 48dB/octave slopes
  • Parametric EQ with 1/64th to 4 octave range
  • Input and output delay
  • Limiter on each output
  • Individual input and output metering
  • Factory loaded/editable presets
  • Four levels of security
  • Programmable from the front panel
  • Balanced inputs and outputs
  • Housed in a single rack space chassis
Filter Type Linkwitz-Riley, Bessel and Butterworth
Operating Modes Each output allows for setting crossover frequencies and may be assigned to any one, or a combination of inputs
Crossover Frequencies

High-Pass Filter: Off to 21.983kHz, 245 step increments

Low-Pass Filter: Off to 21.983kHz, 245 step increments

Gain Range +12/-40dB, 0.1dB increments
Front Panel Switches

Input select

Output select

13 Utility switches

Inputs 3 x XLR
Outputs 6 x XLR
Maximum Input Level +20dBu
Maximum Output Level +20dBu
Frequency Response 20Hz to 20kHz, +/-0.25dB
Dynamic Range >110dB, (20Hz to 20kHz) unweighted
Noise <-90dBu unweighted
Dimensions (WxDxH) 19 x 6 x 1.75" (483 x 152 x 45 mm)
Weight 9 lbs (shipping) (4kg)


Threshold: -20dBu to +20dBu, 1dB increments

Ratio: 1.2:1 to infinity:1

Attack: 0.5 mS to 50 mS per dB

Release: 10 mS to 1 sec per dB

Input Delay: 0 to 85 mS

Output Delay: 0 to 256 mS


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